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L.A. is at the epicenter of the most dynamic business landscapes in the world. In LA,
Creative, diverse, and collaborative opportunities are everywhere. It all happens here.

L.A. by the numbers


Carbon-free energy projected by 2035


Port complex in the Western Hemisphere


Ranked city in the world for research and development


Destination for graduating college students in America


Global city for investments


Solar City in America

Over $520 million in tax credits and grants available to businesses that invest in California.

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LA: open for business

Inclusive Investment

A wide range of communities offer untapped potential and advantageous incentives for your investment.

"People don't live in Los Angeles because we are tied to the same old, same old. We live in Los Angeles because of the intoxicating energy of new beginnings that permeate our city."

- Marianne Williamson

Talent Pool

SoCal is home to the largest community college district in the nation – producing a wide array of skilled talent who are ready to work across every industry.

L.A. is committed to social and environmental justice

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