Why L.A. leads in Biotech and Life Sciences

A supportive ecosystem for revolutionary medical advancements.

The Future of Life Sciences

L.A.’s bio and life sciences ecosystem spans biotech, medtech, digital health, telemedicine, health IT, synthetic biology, and more. The facilities in Los Angeles County propel health service research and training, thanks to major medical schools and teaching hospitals that call the area home, such as the UCLA Medical Center, USC’s Keck School of Medicine, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Cal Poly Pomona, City of Hope and more. 

This progress-driven community has created space for organizations aimed at helping biotech companies thrive in Los Angeles. Connect with the Biolabs facility at the Lundquist Institute to earn guidance and general aid as a health science startup in the area. Or explore the Alliance for SoCal Innovation’s Wetlab list to explore research opportunities in the region. 

3 Reasons Why

Why L.A. Leads in Biotech and Life Sciences

Los Angeles County received more NIH funding than any other county in California with $1.94 billion awarded in 2020.
20% of all California life science jobs are in Los Angeles County, nearly 10% of which are in the City of L.A.
In 2020, Los Angeles County’s life sciences industry generated $19 billion of labor income, according to BioCom.

By the numbers


Generated by L.A.’s bioscience sector in 2020, leading to uncharted growth for the sector.


Among global cities for most developed health tech ecosystem.


Jobs in the life
sciences industry
in 2020.


Of employment in the sector is in Research and Manufacturing.

“Life sciences is an important and overlooked economic engine in the Los Angeles area…” Data from Biocom’s 2019 Economic Impact Report Databook revealed “that [Los Angeles County] dwarfs most other biotech hubs around the country, if not the world.”

Joe Panetta, President and Chief Executive Officer, Biocom

L.A. Companies in Biotech & life sciences

Commit to the Future of Life Science.

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