A Global Leader in Sustainability and Cleantech

Los Angeles leads the nation in green policies across sustainable development and cleantech initiatives.

L.A. is the City of the Future

Los Angeles is a global leader in sustainable development and innovative solutions to renewable energy and decarbonization challenges. With progressive and impactful environmental policies, L.A. is the perfect ecosystem for businesses dedicated to creating sustainable and clean energy technologies. 

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the largest municipal utility in the country, plans to reach 100% carbon-free energy by 2035. L.A. prides itself in creating a reliable, renewable energy grid while prioritizing equity and affordability. Taking advantage of the elements, L.A. has recently seen the completion of large-scale wind farms, solar fields, and hydrogen power plants in partnership with the private sector.

3 Reasons Why

Why L.A. leads in Sustainability and cleantech

L.A.’s Green New Deal will guide our city’s transition to an equitable and abundant economy powered by 100% renewable energy, supporting the creation of hundreds of thousands of good, green jobs in all of our communities.
We are the first North American city to evaluate and monitor our conservation efforts using a global standard, the Singapore Index on Cities’ Biodiversity.
L.A. is leading in 100% zero emission goods movement by 2035, with over 60 pieces of ZE equipment in use or on order at the Port of L.A.

By the numbers


Solar city with the largest solar and energy storage facility in the United States.


Green jobs currently in Los Angeles. Projected to reach 600K by 2050.


Carbon-free energy projected by 2035.


In wages predicted to be generated by the L.A. Ocean Economy in 2023.

Our Commitment to Clean Energy Transportation

With progressive plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the development of sustainable transportation methods has skyrocketed in the Los Angeles area. The City has worked to set its own emissions standards, creating a ripe market for EVs with the most publicly available zero-emission charging stations in the country. The L.A. Department of Transportation issued a record-breaking order of electric buses, adding 155 to their transportation fleet. The City’s bus maintenance yard of solar-powered EV charging stations is one of the largest in the state, servicing up to 70 buses.

Cultivating a Blue Economy

Stretching 75 miles along the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles makes for the perfect place to grow and expand businesses in sustainable aquaculture or safe ocean technology. As of 2018, the L.A. Ocean Economy was responsible for creating over 1 million jobs (direct, indirect, and induced). By 2023, the Ocean Economy is projected to issue more than $37.7 billion in wages annually. Organizations like AltaSea and the Southern California Marine Institute are major players in the race to minimize and reverse the effects of climate change threatening the world–and this work happens right here in Los Angeles. 

“In Los Angeles, sustainability is a core value that guides all of our work, because our survival depends on it.”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Partner Organizations in Sustainability and Cleantech

Commit a progressive climate action city.

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